We have a number of resources available to our Northglenn community residents.  Please visit or contact these organizations for a variety of services that will benefit you and/or your family or organization.

A Precious Child:     

Devoted to making a positive impact in the lives of disadvantaged and displaced children and families in Colorado by improving their quality of life.  A Precious Child provides basic essentials to children in need to empower them to succeed in school. Essentials include: clothing, coats, shoes, sports equipment, backpacks, school supplies, and toiletries.  Location is 557 Burbank Street, Unit E, Broomfield, CO 80020.  Call 303.466.4272 or go to

Audio Information Network: 

Provides free audio services that help blind, visually impaired and print disabled students and individuals maintain independence and stay connected to their community.  Listeners have access to nearly 100 Colorado newspapers, grocery/ discount ads, magazines, and other local publications in English and Spanish.  Listening options include pre-tuned digital receivers, telephone, or internet.  Call the Audio Information Network of Colorado (AINC) 303-786-7777 or go to for more information.

Colorado Talking Book Library: 

Provides free library service to Colorado residents who can’t read standard print.  Audio, Braille, and large print books are available and go through the mail postage paid. Books are sent automatically based on reading interests. iOS app also available for downloading books to a personal device.  Call the Colorado Talking Book Library Metro Denver – 303-727-9277 or Toll Free in State – 800-685-2136 or go to  for more information. Spanish language equipment and books are available.


Dan Peak Foundation:

Believes that change and creating a new circle of hope, opportunity, and success for today and future generations begins with the parents/adults in children’s lives. The cycle of poverty, illiteracy, and dependency can be broken and it is the responsibility of every adult to make it happen. The Dan Peak Foundation provides financial support and resources including opportunities through education, mentor programs, and training to enhance natural talents. Call (303) 551-4572 or go to  for more information.